Frank backpackingFrank Tritini, CEO and lead consultant of Eye Star Consultants, LLC, is deeply committed to helping others through coaching, teaching, sharing his personal story, and volunteering. He operates from the context that being of service to others is the highest expression of himself in the world. Frank also holds the belief that we all have greatness inside of us and, sometimes, we need others to help it breakthrough.

For years, people have trusted Frank to help them clarify their vision and achieve their goals. His approach is a unique integration of practices and techniques that are structured to respond to the specific needs of each client. Frank forms a partnership of success with his clients by developing a program that will empower them to breakthrough barriers and manifest the life they desire. With his approach, clients feel safe, challenged, and fully accepted for whom and where they are. Above all, they know Frank has their best interest at heart, and he is fully committed to their success.

Frank is gentle, tough, humble, funny, and effective. He himself symbolizes endurance, the ability to hang in, and the willingness to find and see the gifts that come with life’s challenges. Having faced many unusual personal challenges in his family, career, and health, Frank is no stranger to trauma, pain, loss, and, thankfully, healing. He is fond of saying, “There are no such things as problems—only challenges and solutions.” Frank has been confronted with many seemingly inescapable situations, and he has applied his teachings and philosophies to improvise, adapt, and overcome—walking away with gratitude and wisdom gained.

In 1998, Frank began his personal journey of growth and development. He intently pursued the study of Eastern philosophies such as Zen, Taoism, and Buddhism; he also began training in various martial arts. Over the years, Frank achieved the rank of 2nd Dan in the traditional art of Japanese jujitsu and 1st Dan in both kojukai karate and tae kwon do. Through the study and practice of Reiki—a Japanese healing art in which he attained the level of Master Practitioner—Frank gained additional knowledge to apply to this way of being.

In the year 2000, Frank’s desire to share his wisdom and help more people led to him becoming a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Personal Trainer. Combining all of his skills, Frank works closely with his clients and helps them to achieve their goals in body, mind, and spirit.

By studying with and training under Dr. Caroline Myss (the Huffington Post called her “one of the world’s leading voices in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality, health, and energy medicine”), Frank furthered his ability to truly help people transform through a higher level of consciousness. Frank also earned his certification as an Archetypal Consultant through Caroline Myss Education Institute (CMED) in 2004.

Over the past seven years, Frank has honed these skills, and he has helped develop and deliver various leadership-training programs. Frank brought his passion, experience, and expertise in the area of archetypes and human consciousness to the Legacy Discovery Men’s Weekend, where he led men on a powerful journey. Celebrating the strength, wisdom, and purpose that men have, this voyage leads to a deeper understanding into the men they are today and awakens the power within them to create a legacy worth remembering.

In addition, Frank has had a long career with a national transportation company. He also has experience in sales organizations, as well as nonprofit and volunteer entities. More importantly, he is a son, brother, friend, husband, ex-husband, and father of five. These roles have all served to provide him with a plethora of personal experience from which he can draw. His willingness to relate and share personally allows him to seamlessly combine personal awareness with a wide variety of knowledge and training, thus making Frank a personable and incredibly dynamic mentor and speaker.