Eye Star Consulting has created a new level of performance for our business. Exposing our employees to the distinctions of coaching and to Frank’s approach has had a significant impact on how we perform both as individuals and as a collective team. We are now able to work together and approach both opportunities and challenges in a manner that has us achieving amazing results. Thank you, Frank!

Daniel K. Weeden

President and CEO
Eneractive Solutions

Before working with Frank, we were very much in the dark about how to develop our team in a professional way. We wanted to add value and make a difference in our business and also in the careers and lives of our employees. Given that our business is in an artistic culture, leadership training is generally not what people expect or look to receive from us.

We knew we needed to address and improve management, leadership, and character development in order to achieve our goal to expand the business rapidly. Frank and his training system made all the difference in our business. We are now looking at opening up our third location, and we plan to work with Frank and Eye Star Consultants over the next three to four years as we expand to eleven locations across the country.

His training, development, and commitment to empowering people are a priceless contribution to our success.

Anyone who has any questions about working with Frank, please reach out to me anytime.

Paul-Anthony Surdi

CEO, Academy of Responsible Tattooing

I want to  express my sincerest gratitude to Frank Tritini for the tremendous growth I have attained since attending one of his seminars.

The growth I refer to is related to both my personal life and my business life.  I’ve had my most successful year of business in my entire career!  I have been able to use the tools I attained in Frank’s class to improve my ability to market my business and also to retain a happier more fulfilled patient base.

Before working with Mr. Tritini I was overwhelmed by financial turmoil.  By exercising the skills he taught, I began to gain the control over money that has escaped me for much of my working life. I also had a fear of rejection. Frank was able to teach me to manage this fear and use to my advantage.

The three most significant improvements in my business have been: consistent cash flow (shedding a poverty consciousness),  the ability to contain my emotions and not let them halt my marketing efforts, and an awareness of different archetypes and how to draw upon the strengths of each one.

If anyone questions whether Frank Tritini and EyeStar Consultants can help them please feel free to call me or email to discuss further.

Thanks so much to EyeStar!

Mark Deitch, DC

Deitch Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center

As the operations superintendent for Motiva Enterprises in Sewaren, NJ., I can assure you that safety is our number one concern.

The safety training that Eye Star gave our operators was very formative and fun. If you have ever conducted a training program, then you know that keeping a group of people engaged is difficult. Frank kept the group involved, and he used his prior experience, which made him relatable and credible. We are very pleased with the training Frank delivered. In fact, months after the training, several operators commented that they are still using Frank’s techniques—both in the workplace and at home.  I have both given and received training, and I can tell you that is not the norm.

If anyone would like to discuss the training program that Eye Star conducted, please feel free to contact me.


Timothy G. Frey

Motiva Enterprises, LLC

Before working with Frank, I had no context in my life. I lacked a clear vision of my goals. I also lacked the ability to see that I deserved the goals that I previously felt were unattainable. Frank has helped me to be cognizant of myself, develop my context, and use it to create a clear, mental picture.

I had been a person who had goals that I labeled unobtainable in my mind. Now, I am transformed to a place where I have been able to clear my mind of all obstacles and self-doubt—fully embracing the challenges of attaining my goals. All of this is a true testament to Frank and his system, for which I am forever grateful.

If anyone questions the value of Frank’s coaching program, please call or e-mail me. I will be happy to talk to you about it.

Thomas P. Szarawarski Jr

Director of Engineering
Eneractive Solutions

When a friend told me about Eye Star Consultants and suggested for me to do the program, I thought “Oh great!”—another business enhancement program that promises to make a huge difference. “Yeah right! What on Earth could they possibly promote or teach that I haven’t learned in my twenty-four years in business?”

Well, before working with Frank, I had become a disillusioned, small-business owner. I was completely enthralled with my victimhood and placed blame instead of finding solutions. To me, my difficulties were always the fault of cheap competitors or the computer-savvy, bargain-hunting consumers. The victim-and-blame scenario was not making me appealing to my potential customers, no matter how much I forced myself to smile.

I have a hard and thick head, but I’m glad I had the sense to be open to the possibilities of learning more beyond what I thought I already knew. The value I received from Frank is the importance of not placing judgment on a consumer or forecasting that they are simply looking for the cheap route, wasting my time, or just picking my brains. My excellent service reputation and past customer referrals weren’t enough to close the deal or to grow my business. I found out the hard way that my customers have plenty of other competitors to choose from.

The three most significant improvements in my business life—thanks to Frank and his system—have been: the importance of listening more carefully to the customer’s needs and talking (selling) less; the power of not losing my cool because, in the long run, it catches up to you and will sting you big time; and, lastly, to get off my high horse. I look back in horror and amazement at how I used to answer the phone when I was having a bad day. Attitude, attitude, attitude is the essence of being a successful and happy business owner.

Frank, if anyone questions the value of your coaching program, then I hope you’ll have them call me. I will be very happy to speak with them.

Most truly yours,

Joe Jaghab

Carpet Heritage Inc.
Since 1989
1047 Route 202 no.
Branchburg, NJ 08876

My name is Joe LoBello. I was enrolled in and completed Eye Star’s eight-week program, Building Better Business Character. Before working with Frank, I was feeling a bit off my game, experiencing a loss of confidence in both my personal and business life. Then, I got my mojo back. Since working with Frank, I have made some significant improvements in my life: (1) being inspired to be the best person I can be, at all times, (2) growing my community of friends and business contacts and, (3)improving my sales, marketing, and communication skills.

I was also reconnected to my desire to give back and create for someone in need. During Eye Star’s program, I headed the challenge for our team to raise at least $1,000 for someone in need. I am proud to say that we have collected almost $5,000 for a young boy who has severe leukemia.

This effort reconnected me to my humanity in a way that had been missing. Frank’s guidance and coaching during the process pushed me out of my comfort zone to a place of growth, gratitude, and service.

If anyone questions the value of Frank’s coaching program, please call or e-mail me. I will be happy to talk to you about it.

Joe LoBello

Driven By Excellence

I am currently entering into a new chapter in my life.

Before I began working with Frank, I felt a bit scattered, with a ton of great thoughts and ideas. His program has allowed me to focus on purpose, keep in context what is critical, and measure the results. Coaching is a valuable tool that has proven beneficial to my personal growth.

I am more than happy to entertain a conversation regarding the value of a coaching program with Eye Star Consultants for you.

Bill Chaney

Eneractive Solutions

My name is Robert B. and, for the past thirty-one years, I have been the senior partner of a law firm located in Center City, PA. I have known Frank Tritini for approximately five years. Frank was a mentor (coach) for me, formally, for a ten-week period four years ago, and informally ever since. Frank has helped me grow as a person, as well as a businessman.

I was frustrated that I was never able to find a viable replacement, with all of the same assets, for the best secretary I have ever had. Due to relocation, she had left my firm ten years earlier. Frank urged me to find her, see what she was up to, and implore her to leave her present employment and return to my firm. With Frank’s guidance and coaching, I tracked her down and was able to convince her to come back to the Philadelphia area, even though we had almost no contact for ten years.

Frank has also coached me in regard to difficult decisions concerning health issues. He has helped me to find the extra inner strength, when necessary, and to be aware of my immature behavior. He has given me training to find a trigger that lets me know when I am not being fully within my power. This allows me to adjust my way of being and to act powerfully around the complications that arise in everyday life and everyday business activities.

I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Tritini’s program through Eye Star Consultants and urge executives, business owners, and budding entrepreneurs to take advantage of the gifts that Frank has to offer.

I am authorizing Mr. Tritini to provide my name and phone number to any and all prospective clients so that I can fully express the benefits I received, and continue to receive, through this coaching program.

Robert B.

I began working with Frank in mid-2012. At that point, I was struggling—particularly in my professional life. I had difficulty maintaining focus and dealing with various obstacles, which I had previously navigated successfully but was now finding to be insurmountable.

Frank is an excellent listener who allowed me to complete my thoughts, ramblings, diatribes, etc. before he offered any tips, methods, advice, tools, and plans for me to reorient myself. His coaching used a holistic approach and took into account all aspects of my life—family, work, pleasure. His tips varied and included methods, some of which I initially discounted but followed through nevertheless. Following through, despite my initial consternation, proved to be quite valuable in that the methods resulted in significant changes in how I view family and work and also how I live my life. These tweaks have resulted in turning my life from one of focusing entirely on the negative to one that is more focused on the positive. Frank has started me on a journey that I now look forward to.

I continue to work with Frank because I find his help invaluable. In addition, I recommend his help and his services to anyone who may be having any concerns or difficulties.

If anyone has any questions about Frank or is contemplating whether Eye Star Consultants can help them, please feel free to contact me.

Daniel J. Grdovic

Energy Project Manager

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