trainingEye Star Consultants is committed to creating and delivering effective trainings customized to the specific needs of our clients and delivering the desired results for both the short term and in the long run.  In all our trainings, we understand that it is our responsibility for the training to be heard by those being trained.  We do not sit and click through a powerpoint, droning on and on about information that, in and of itself, holds little value.

We create an interactive, engaging environment where people learn some new information, gain a broader perspective of the knowledge they already have and, through exercises and experiences, practice the tools and techniques that will be used as a result of the training.

Some of the trainings we offer are:


Often, people in the middle management level, have been promoted because they are really good at doing their pervious job.  However, many times they have little or no real effective leadership experience or skills.  Essentially, in this training, they will learn how to become a leader rather than be a boss.  Some of the typical topics would be; Active Listening, Effective Communication, Relationship Building, Getting Commitments, Accountability.  These folks will learn what it means to BEcome a leader rather than just doing the job of managing.


This is a higher level program, however, we do not make the assumption that because someone is in upper management he is an effective or even good leader.  We build on the same skills in the Middle Management program and add; How to Lead Leaders, Leading from Context, How to Build a High Trust Environment, How to Lead Up amongst others.

MOVE SAFE SAFETY TRAINING – Mitigating the Damages of Slips, Trips, Falls, Strains and Sprains

The number one injury loss leader in any industry has consistently been those due to Slips, Trips, Falls, Strains and Sprains.  This hands on training transfers high-level mental and physical tools and techniques people then use effectively to dramatically reduce injuries.  They will also learn how to control and to take personal responsibility of their own safety.  This program has shown to be effective in many major corporations through out the world and has its root in the principles of the martial arts.  Easy to understand, simple to learn and highly effective in application, people that learn these techniques use them both at work and at home.  This is not some hum drum safety class and it works.