coachingExecutive Coaching is a confidential professional relationship built on respect and trust with someone who will see you, understand you, challenge you, question your answers, advise you, guide you, support you, get you to make commitments, hold you accountable and accept nothing but your best. The coaching relationship with Eye Star focuses on the client getting clear in his vision, understanding his why, developing a plan and taking action toward the realization of their goals. Our coaches provide you with unique perspectives and keeps the big picture in mind – your vision and purpose of your life and your business. Coaches aren’t therapists, although sometimes it can feel that way. In therapy, the focus is usually to look back and ask, “Why?”.  In our coaching we will look forward and ask, “Why not?”.  Our primary role not just to provide a system that makes it easier for their clients to achieve their goals, whether personal or business but to understand and overcome those self imposed barriers.  If you are not ready to take responsibility for your life and your success (or lack thereof) Eye Star is not for you.  In our approach the mirror will be held up so you will see how you are showing up so you can make conscious adjustments to who you are being.  Through questioning and personal discovery the client builds awareness and takes responsibility for their life; the coach provides perspective, structure, accountability, support and feedback.  By aligning your way of being with your actions, intentions and purpose you will be fully empowered to create that which you desire.

Coaching can be thought of as the map to get you from where you are now to where you want to go. It can show you the easiest way and provide a route, but you still must do the work and have the drive to get there.

“You won’t turn me into a world class athlete by sending me out to practice with the coach, but I will certainly play a better game.”

– Howard Stevenson, Harvard Business School