footprints in snowAt Eye Star Consultants, we hold that a company is a function of the actions of its people and actions are greatly influence by our way of being. Therefore, when people learn to actively select who they are going to BE, their actions will fall into alignment and produce the results they desire. We believe in knowing the answer to the question “Who do I need to be?” before asking, “What do I do now? Or next?” Simply put, be – do – have. There is not enough action that can overcome the misaligned energy of your being. A way of being is defined and determined by our thoughts and beliefs, and it is reinforced by the stories we tell ourselves or listen to. Our way of being is ultimately determined by the context we are holding. Since we are always being, we are always holding a context. Context is a container, a parameter of truth within which we think, feel, sense and take action. Within a context, there are outcomes that are possible and outcomes that are impossible. Thankfully, our thinking, feelings and our actions are based solely on what we say is true. Therefore, we can design, adopt and hold whatever context we choose. Simplifying, if you think you can’t, then you probably won’t—no matter how much you do to the contrary. Also, if you think you can, your actions can align and achieving the desired results is possible.

The Belief of Eye Star Consultants

We believe all people have greatness inside of them, but we ourselves are the biggest stumbling block that prevents us from fully manifesting this greatness. Clearly seeing who you need to be in each situation, and being it, is the key to living an empowered life. When we can be really honest with ourselves, obtain a discipline of action, and have the ability to lighten up, then we are propelled to greater achievements through enhanced performance. In order to achieve and exceed the results they desire, business owners, businesspersons, executives, and leadership teams have a responsibility to their companies, their clients, their coworkers, their families, and to themselves to be the best they can be, and do what needs to be done when they committed to doing it. At Eye Star Consultants, we help our clients go from good to great by empowering them to step into who they truly are, so they can authentically create great lives and legacies worth remembering.