Inspiring Leaders and Creating Dynamic Teams

We believe that great leaders are made not born.  We believe that dynamic teams are essential to creating and achieving more than you thought you could create and achieve.  Our mission and objective is to awaken the power and greatness within our leaders so they can inspire confident actions in their dynamic teams causing a positive impact on business, in life and in the world.



The success of a coaching engagement is dependent on the willingness of the person being coached to commit to the process of personal growth and development. When you commit to the process we commit to results.



Our trainings are always delivered in a down to earth, easy to learn and simple to implement format. "The teacher is responsible for the student hearing the lesson." - Frank Tritini

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The question is not, "Do teams work?" The question is, "Do you have the guts to make it work?" For those that do, the ROI is exponential. Guts and glory, only real players need apply.



Our events are designed and delivered to educate with experience and have an immediate impact. Be prepared to do some work, have some fun and make a difference.

Iron Wheels Of Stream Engine Locomotive Train On Railways Track

Being Your Way to Being a Leader

  There is, has been and will continue to be so much written on the subject of leadership it seems redundant to this author to write about the subject. It is much easier at times to quote our great leadership ….

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Just Do It: And Here’s How

New Year’s resolution: it almost pains me to write those words. It’s not because I have bad memories of one’s I’ve made and fell short on or forgotten. Thankfully, that’s never been a tradition of mine. With all its good ….

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What’s Really the Point?

Recently I found myself watching the show Shark Tank. I’m sure most of you are familiar with this popular show where entrepreneurs face a group of would be investors and pitch their business. The sharks listen to these folks and ….

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Leadership: Are You Pushing or Squeezing?

Over the years, I have interacted with thousands of people. Because I have such a keen interest in people and what makes us tick, I often listen to conversations with “two sets of ears.” One set is listening to what ….

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How many times in your life have you said, “I don’t know why they took it so personally?”  How many times do you think someone has said that about you?  What about the times when you reflected back and realized ….

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